Spring Brake

Tack alla för en kanondag och kväll, känns!! 

Spring Brake Preps

Stage built and prepared for loud band and sweaty audience. Fridge filled with refreshing beverages. Chili is cooking. Sweet.


Hippy Killer Hoedown

A couple weeks before Kutty’s event the weather reports started forecasting some pretty questionable climates and conditions for Hippy Killer 4. Kutty’s family and his friends put a lot into an event like HK so I knew the Notebooms had to be stressing on how mother nature would pan out. I was texting Kutty and Jamie every other day a couple weeks before the show to reassure him the weather will be fine….. Lucky for him and everyone else not a drop of rain came down and it was party time. Hippy Killer 4 was more amazing than the last and I’m sure thats all Kutty hopes for each year. The turn out was awesome and the machines came out from everywhere.This year Loser Machine hosted a Meet and ride from The Flying Elephant in Carlsbad to the Hippy Killer Hoedown in Winchester California. Here are some pictures from the days event…..  Thanks to Kutty for having us and more importantly his friendship.